PAXTON, Joseph.
PAXTON, Joseph. Paxton's Magazine of Botony, and Register of Flowering Plants.  London. Orr and Smith (and W.S. Orr & Co.). 1834, 1836 and 1837. Volumes I, II and III.  
3 volumes only of 16. (230 x 165). pp, xii, 278; xii, 270, (6); viii, 280. Many woodcut illustrations in text. 2 foldout catalogue charts of seeds and plants at rear of vol. III. Lacks all handcoloured plates except 1 fold out plate in vol. II and 1 fold out plate (folded on top edge) and 6 single page plates in vol. 3. Some pages loose and chipped on edges. Half green morocco gilt, worn and rubbed. 3 volumes with slightly varying bindings have been weakened by removal of most of the plates but still of use as reading and reference copies copies with sadly only 8 of the handcoloured plates remaining. 3 volumes which may reqquire extra postage to be quoted.

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